Monday, February 20, 2012

Recently Kayleigh and I have been working on promoting Slow Food through online social media sites like facebook and twitter. Slow Food Saratoga does have a facebook, twitter, and website that need to be maintained and Kayleigh and I share responsibility in doing so. We have been researching the local food scene on a few different levels. We are identifying farms, restaurants, other food distributers, markets and like minded organizations in hopes of networking. We are also creating a Slow Food database so that we can communicate and cross-promote events. It has been fun researching the local food scene; I hope to meet new people and further our mission.

The past few weeks have been a wonderful introduction to Slow Food Saratoga. My onsite supervisor and Slow Food board member is Arielle. She is a Skidmmore College alum and currently runs her own business. I am also working with another intern Kayleigh; she is a sophmore at Skimore College and is pursuing a dregree in sociology.

In late January, Arielle and the Slow Food Saratoga board of directors invited Kayleigh and I to a "Slow Food Dinner." It was held at Hatties, a local restaurant in downtown Saratoga Springs, that is know for its Southern cuisine. It was nice to get to know everyone a little better and to share some delicious food. The slow food benefits bring like-minded people together and also promote local venues. Arielle, Kayleigh and I also had a chance to outline our expectations for the internship.

Monday, February 6, 2012

This blog is a personal reflection of an internship I am pursuing with the organization Slow Food Saratoga. This organization is interested in "promoting, clean, fair, & good food in the Saratoga Region. They are vested in preserving culinary biodiversity, enjoying home cook meals made with family and friends, local food, appreciating food from farm to table, tasting new things, supporting ethical and sustainable food, recognizing the achievement of local food producers, ad exploring food culture. Slow Food Saratoga is a grass roots, non-profit organization. 

Throughout my internship I hope to use my resourcefulness and creativity to help the movement grow and reach more people on a local level


1. Management of the Slow Food social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the Slow Food website).
2. Email List and Newsletter Management. I will communicating directly with Slow Food Members and continuing to add to the Slow Food database. 
3. Networking with like minded organizations to cross promote events. 

These everyday activities will help Slow Food Saratoga become more active in the community!

I will also be a part of putting some long term strategies in place: 

1. Generating interest in Slow Food within the community. 
2. Help implement and promote this Slow Food basic cooking classes. 
3. Help plan and promote a Slow Food pop up restaurant this spring which will bring in local chefs to create meals with local/artisinal ingredients. 
4. I will help coordinate Slow Food hosted dinners at local, "slow" restaurants.

1. To gain a better understanding of a local non profit organization interested in promoting the farm to table movement. 
2. To gain "real world" experience working with a non profit that is interested in the local food movement. 
3. Helping this grassroots organization move forward. 
4. I hope to reach out locally and learn about what is happening in this specific community in relation to food. 

I am so excited about this wonderful opportunity! 

more to come