Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kayleigh and I met last Wednesday to discuss the documentary that we will both be working on. We have certain goals for the film: We want the film to communicate the definition of Slow Food clearly and effectively to all the viewers. We want to interview people, organizations, and farms in the community in order to give the viewer a broad perspective on what is currently going on in the Saratoga region. Next, we want to cover the issues of accessibility and then finally some helpful tips for consumers. Kayleigh and I have started by emailing local contacts to interview.

On Friday, we also started to plan the Brown's Brewing Company event. We want to make sure we have an informational booth up for those who are interested in Slow Food info. We are planning on giving away some swag to the crowd and  networking with other like-minded organizations and individuals. Before the event we will be holding our annual meeting for all Slow Food Members. Because two of our board members stepped down, there will be a vote for two more new board members.

We will also be participating in a local chocolate making event. It is a chocolate making class that will be sponsored by slow food and all of us will have the chance to participate as Slow Food members. I am really excited about this!!

Kayleigh and I are also hoping to have a physical presence at the farmers market this summer. We want to have special guests every Saturday to provide shoppers with anything from gardening tips to cooking recipes. We are working on how we will coordinate these guests and  on who exactly we want to connect with.

More to come!


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