Monday, April 16, 2012

Next week is my first official Slow Food Saratoga Region chapter meeting. Along with the Chapter meeting is the Browns Brewing Co event. A local venue will be showing the film, Urban Roots, and there will be a beer and cheese tasting, yummmy! 

Kayleigh and I are working on what we are calling the "Slow Food Summer Series". We are going to showcase local organizations and put on demonstrations at the farmers market every other Saturday between the months of June , July, and August. Prospective guests: 

1. Fields Goods Founder, Donna Williams, a CSA of sorts that offers an affordable month by month payment plan
2. American Farmland Trust
3. Skidmore Gardens, the campus garden club
4. Food Revolution representative  (Jaime Oliver's movement)
5. Composting Expert (We have not found yet)
As far as the documentary, we have been successful in acquiring individuals/organizations who are interested. We are in the process of scheduling interviews. We were also thinking of including interviews of college students  and maybe slow food board members. We would like to start interviewing once the event this weekend is over. 

We have been in contact with local farms and restaurants who have responded eagerly to the prospect of being part of the film. Although they are eager a handful of them have been expressing apprehension. They seem to believe that they are not taking part in the slow food movement. I found this ironic because I think of them as BEING the slow food movement or at least an integral part of the movement. They are providing people with delicious, nutritious great food that is “slow”. After just a brief email conversation with one farmer, I learned that he attended a slow food event that was more about luxury cuisine that local food and community. I also share his concern with the movement. I do think the slow food movement is moving forward in a positive direction, it cannot be an elitist movement. It needs to be driven by community, living locally, and most importantly working to educate everyone and to make this food more accessible for EVERYONE! With that being said, I know Ari, Kayleigh and I are on board in that respect and I hope we can truly support those ideals moving forward. 



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